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Individual therapy


Are you feeling down, anxious or overwhelmed right now by life's challenges? We can work together to help you tackle any difficulties.


I also provide EMDR for people who have had traumatic experiences.

Teen therapy


Teens today face many stressors in their daily lives from school, friends, parents, and more. This constant pressure can be overwhelming to the point where teens just feel hopeless.


Luckily, therapy can help teens (and their parents) navigate this stressful world.

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Family therapy


All families fight, but sometimes when problems build up things can get out of hand. Family therapy is focused on diving deep into the root of the problem to discover the true cause of issues.


Through honest and open communications, guided by a professional, families can resolve conflicts and live happier lives.

Couples therapy


No relationship is perfect, but sometimes the tiniest of arguments can turn into full-blown fights.


Couples therapy looks at both sides of the issue to offer introspection and perspective into your partner’s view. Ultimately, I will help you both develop the communication skills to calmly mitigate future issues — before they turn into quarrels.



I view supervision as an integral piece to a clinician's growth and development as a therapist.  


Both group and individual supervision, can be a tremendous asset to help the you become more aware of certain issues in your work. Supervision provides the space and freedom for private, professional development to be more effective with your clients.

Individual Therapy
Teen Therapy
Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
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